Paapa-Berchie - S.Y.F

Track: "S.Y.F"
Author: "Paapa-Berchie"
320 kbps

Lyrics Paapa-Berchie - "S.Y.F"

You know it was gone be me and your forever I never ever felt, so lost in your arms I feel at home with you But you didn't feel this way before It was all a lie it was a ploy At long last I thought I found love I found trust all in you But all you do is lie to me You keep playing with me with all these mental games Never will ever let you have a piece of me It's done for good Oh, uh uh uh oh! Remembering the time like its yesterday Like the news on the front page Had me for a fool right on center stage Checked ya bluff like a chess game Feel like I wasted everything ignoring the signs You was tryna take advantage of what was mine Thought you had my back when we started as friends Don't know how to feel when I saw your DM Back and forth with others ...

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